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Our mission is to provide learners from all over the world with the highest quality sex therapy training that is informed by clinical research, publications, and evidence-based practices. We prioritizes a global perspective on sex, sexuality, and sexual health, which is infused throughout its curriculum, faculty, and student body. 


Our vision at the School of Sex Therapy is to be the premier institution for high quality training in psychosexual therapy. We aim to provide learners worldwide with internationally-focused, evidence-based study programs that meet the highest academic standards. We strive to cultivate a diverse community of passionate and dedicated sex therapy professionals who are committed to promoting sexual health, wellness, and advocacy around the globe.


We believe in the promotion of global sexual health and wellness, and are dedicated to advancing the field of psychosexual therapy through evidence-based practices and innovative research. We value inclusivity and diversity, recognizing that every individual's experience of sexuality is unique and should be respected without judgment or bias. We also place a high value on integrity, professionalism, and ethical conduct, and expect all members of our community to uphold these principles in their work and interactions. Finally, we prioritize a learner-centered approach, recognizing that our students are at the heart of our mission and striving to create an educational environment that is supportive, engaging, and empowering.


Looking to enhance your clinical practice and expand your expertise in the growing field of sex therapy?

Begin your journey with the School of Sex Therapy!

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