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100% Hybrid Online 8 Week Courses



Advanced Human Sexuality

An overview of the biological, psychological, social, and cultural factors that influence human sexuality. Learners explore the development of sexual identity, sexual behavior, and sexual dysfunctions.


Clinical Application

of Sex Therapy

This course provides advanced training in the assessment and treatment of sexual dysfunctions using various sex therapy techniques, and covers the integration of sex therapy techniques with other therapeutic modalities.


Sex Therapy with Religious Clients

Within this course, various religious concepts are addressed that influence a religious client's perception of sex, sexuality, and gender. The learner will discover how to integrate the client's faith in the therapeutic process.

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Specialized Clinical Training

Gain advanced skills in the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of sexual dysfunctions and relational issues. 

International Focus

Our program views sex, sexuality, gender and relationships through an international lens, allowing learners to appreciate the cultural diversity of human sexuality.

Research Driven Education

Our program is derived from the latest research which forms the foundation of each of our courses. 

Esteemed Faculty

Our internationally recognized faculty of sexual health professionals are dedicated to helping our learners achieve their goals. 

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Enhance Your Career With Our Online Advanced Sex Therapy Certificate Program

Elevate your expertise in the exciting and growing field of sex therapy with the Advanced Sex Therapy Certificate Program from the School of Sex Therapy. Our program is designed to meet the highest international standards and provides learners with the opportunity to specialize in sexual medicine, sexuality & religion, or trauma-informed sex therapy. By completing this program, you will be eligible for international certification as a sex therapist through the School of Sex Therapy. Our convenient and flexible online learning platform allows you to enhance your career and expand your practice at your own pace. Join our community of passionate and dedicated sex therapy professionals and take the next step in your career today.

Advanced Certificate in Sex Therapy Information 

The Advanced Sex Therapy Certificate Program offered by the School of Sex Therapy is a comprehensive and in-depth training program that exceeds the highest international standards for sex therapy education. This program is designed to equip learners with advanced skills and knowledge to become successful sex therapists. The program cirriculum goes beyond the standard 5 courses, which meet all of the AASECT eudcational requirements, allowing learners to gain stronger assessment and treatment skills. Additionally, learners can fulfill the AASECT SAR requirement with one of our 18 hour immersive or virtual SAR experiences. The program is ideal for those looking to expand their clinical practice and enhance their career in this exciting and growing field.

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