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At the School of Sex Therapy, we believe in the power of research to legitimize and advance the field of sex therapy. Through rigorous research efforts, our esteemed faculty members actively contribute to the body of knowledge and understanding in this specialized area. We recognize that research plays a crucial role in reducing stigma surrounding sexuality and fostering a greater understanding of human sexuality. By embracing evidence-based practices and interventions, we empower our learners to become critical thinkers, well-versed in the latest research findings. Our commitment to research-driven education helps establish the field of sex therapy as a credible and respected discipline, leading to increased acceptance and recognition.

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The School of Sex Therapy is dedicated to advancing sexual health through research and education. We firmly believe that by expanding our understanding of human sexuality, we can positively impact individuals, couples, and communities. Our emphasis on research-based education equips our learners with the latest knowledge and evidence-based strategies to address sexual concerns effectively. Through ongoing research initiatives, we strive to uncover new insights, develop innovative interventions, and improve clinical practices in sex therapy. By advancing sexual health, we aim to enhance overall well-being, foster healthy relationships, and create a more inclusive and informed society that embraces the importance of sexual wellness.







Creating the Future of Sex Therapy:

Building a Lasting Legacy

Laying the Foundation

The School of Sex Therapy is committed to setting the gold standard of research, education, and clinical practice within the field of sex therapy and sexual health.

Interdisciplinary Research

Fostering collaboration among experts from psychology, sociology, biology, theology and other relevant disciplines, to gain comprehensive insights into the complexities of human sexuality.

Global Partnerships

Global Partnerships Fostering relationships with prominent academic institutions and forward-thinking corporations deeply committed to the progress and promotion of sexual health and wellness.

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