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Enhance your career and professional development with on-demand, asynchronous continuing education courses from the School of Sex Therapy

Discover a wealth of knowledge and professional growth opportunities with the School of Sex Therapy's on-demand continuing education courses. Designed for therapists seeking to enhance their careers and expand their expertise in sexual health, these courses offer a convenient and flexible asynchronous format, allowing you to learn at your own pace. Delve into a wide range of engaging topics, from sexual dysfunctions and trauma-informed care to couples counseling and evidence- based approaches. With practical applications and comprehensive content, these courses empower you to deepen your understanding, sharpen your skills, and elevate your practice. Stay current in the field of sex therapy, gain valuable insights, and take your career to new heights with the School of Sex Therapy's comprehensive continuing education offerings.


Rare Sexual Dysfunction

This course examines rare sexual dysfunctions that are not yet outlined in the DSM-5. Each sexual dysfunction will be presented in terms of diagnostic criteria, prevalence, and management strategies. 

This course is designed to provide learners with an in-depth understanding of the diverse range of sexual health aids available on the market and equip them with advanced techniques...

Condomology 101

This workshop is an engaging and informative course that delves into the art and science of condom usage, designed to empower individuals with essential knowledge and skills in safe sex practices...

Kalja van der Linden, Condomerie

Image by Mikael Kristenson

I have attended sexology trainings around the world and I have to say, the experiential education provided by The School of Sex Therapy is among the best. It can be difficult to find professional developing opportunities that challenge and inform you. Dr. Jacobson and his team ensure that their students have a rigorous, evidence based, and yet still enjoyable learning experience. I am already signed up for the next program!

Stefani Goerlich

This workshop focuses on the use of sex toys and other sexual health products as potential tools for addressing sexual issues in individuals and couples...

An introduction to working with Minor Attracted Persons. This course in an introduction to working with minor attracted persons and includes an over...

This course is to provide an overview of anatomical landmarks, normal physiological processes and generalized understanding of how the pelvis and it...

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