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with emphasis in sex & relationship therapy  

Statement on Accreditation 

The School of Sex Therapy is committed to providing a high-quality program, and as such, the Administration, Faculty, and Staff have decided to apply for accreditation from the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC). It is important to note that the DEAC requires an institution to have students enrolled in a program and have been operating for at least 12 months before they will consider accrediting the program. Therefore, once our programs have had students enrolled for 12 months, The School of Sex Therapy intends to apply for DEAC accreditation. Accreditation is a voluntary process that can enhance the credibility and reputation of the institution and its programs, and The School of Sex Therapy is dedicated to meeting the rigorous standards set by the DEAC.

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Understand the Psychology of Human Sexuality with our Online Psy.D. Program.


Do you want to deepen your knowledge in psychology and use your research to contribute to the field of understanding human sexuality? The School of Sex Therapy's Psy.D. in Psychology can provide rigorous research and theory application training that can better prepare you for an exciting career in sexual health.


An online Psy.D. in Psychology is ideal for learners who want to bring new knowledge of human behavior to the field and discover practical ways to make a positive impact on those you work with.


With the School of Sex Therapy's Psy.D. in Psychology, you can take part in optional face-to-face intensives held at various locations throughout Europe that will allow you to meet faculty and other learners while you develop your professional and research skills.

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Unique Program

The School of Sex Therapy's PsyD program is one-of-a-kind, with a focus on sex and relationship therapy, providing our students with an innovative and comprehensive education that prepares them to become leaders in the field of sexual health.

Designed for Busy Adult Learners

Our program is designed to support working professionals who want to further their education while maintaining their current lifestyle.

Applicable Information

The curriculum is designed to be practical, and the skills and knowledge gained can be directly applied to clinical practice.

Academic Rigor

The courses are developed based upon the international standards of University curriculum. This guarantees that our learners receive the highest standards in education.



Ethical and Professional Issues in Sex and Relationship Therapy

Covers ethical and legal considerations related to sex therapy practice, with an emphasis on developing skills in ethical decision-making.


Biological Basis of Behavior

Covers the neurobiological and physiological mechanisms underlying behavioral, sexual, and mental health disorders.


Clinical Assessment and Treatment Planning in Sex and Relationship Therapy

This course provides a comprehensive exploration of clinical assessment and treatment planning with a focus on cultural sensitivity, enabling students to develop tailored treatment plans using current research and best practices.

Psy.D. Information

The PsyD in Psychology with an emphasis in sex and relationship therapy typically takes 3-6 years to complete and involves extensive coursework, research, and clinical training. The program covers topics such as sexual dysfunction, gender and sexuality, intimate relationships, and ethical issues in sex therapy. 

Students are also required to complete a dissertation which involves conducting original research in the field of sex and relationship therapy. 

  • The online Psy.D. in Psychology is a non-licensure program.

  • Download and view the Program Completion Plan for the Psy.D. in Psychology program.


Course Units


Years (Avg.)

Class Type

100% Hybrid Online 8 Week Courses

Transfer Credit

Transfer up to 50% of the degree program

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