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The School of Sex Therapy Unveils Its Official Institutional Seal
The School of Sex Therapy Unveils Its Official Institutional Seal

Tue Sep 19 2023 15:38:41 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time) | undefined


Nashville, TN –

The School of Sex Therapy proudly announces the unveiling of its official institutional seal, a powerful embodiment of our school's vision and mission as we navigate the path towards advancing psychosexual education. This seal serves as an indelible representation of our unwavering commitment to excellence within the field.

Design Elements:

The seal prominently features our school's distinctive colors, a harmonious blend of blue and gold, symbolizing depth, trust, and enlightenment. At its heart lies a resolute shield, an emblem synonymous with stability, tradition, and unwavering resolve.


In the upper left corner of the shield, we find the Greek letter psi, which is both the

penultimate letter of the Greek alphabet and the initial letter of the word "psuche," signifying "mind" or "soul." This profound imagery underscores our institution's unyielding focus on the clinical application and psychological underpinnings of our work.

On the upper right, ancient Greek symbols emerge—a gentle dove and a poised bow with arrows in their quiver. The dove, associated with Aphrodite, the goddess of love, signifies grace and harmony. Meanwhile, the bow and arrow evoke the spirit of Eros, the Greek god of love and desire. Together, they symbolize our institution's dedication to the realm of sex and relationship therapy.

At the base of the seal, an open book unfurls, an enduring emblem of our institution's steadfast commitment to scholarly pursuits, rigorous research, and the dissemination of evidence-based education.

Finally, adorning the shield is a banner bearing our institution's motto in Latin: "Scientia Sexualitatis Salus Universitas." This motto encapsulates our dedication to the pursuit of knowledge in the service of sexual health and well-being.

Latin Motto Breakdown:

  • Scientia: This word means "knowledge" or "science."

  • Sexualitatis: This is the genitive form of "sexualitas," which translates to "sexuality" or "sexual matters." The genitive form suggests possession or association, so it can be interpreted as "of sexuality" or "related to sexuality."

  • Salus: This term means "health" or "well-being."

  • Universitas: This word translates to "university" or "college."

Henceforth, this phrase loosely translates to signify the "University of the Science of Sexual Health" or "University of Sexual Health Sciences."

During the unveiling, the School’s President, Dr. Caleb Jacobson, conveyed his enthusiasm stating, “We are excited to reveal the official seal of The School of Sex Therapy. This seal serves as an expression of our institutions identify and mission. It will serve as the guiding beacon steering the trajectory of this institution.”

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